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Commissions and bespoke jewellery Designed and made just for you

When I mention that I do bespoke jewellery pieces, people sometimes get overwhelmed by the idea of where to start getting commissions and bespoke jewellery. What type of jewellery, what shape and size, which design and finish to choose from and ….and … and …

It’s ok, I will break it down for you into manageable chunks. You dictate the pace you’d like to work on this; it’s always good to know from the outset if we’re working to a deadline.

Initially, it would be great to find out who it is for. Maybe it is a gift to yourself or a present for a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, an important birthday or simply a ‘just because’ gift? Any detail or ideas on the design are beneficial at this stage but not necessary. We can always have a chat to talk through different options.

An idea of budget is always useful too and might determine in which material to make the piece – silver or gold – 9 or 18 carat. I can also recycle existing heirloom jewellery pieces that hold a sentimental value and give them a new life with a design that you love to wear.

So, in case you’d like to find out more just drop me a line and we’ll take it from there. Honestly, it’s a fun and exciting process and I’m sure you’ll love the end result. Here're some commissions I've made.


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