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'Women in Revolt' Exhibition at the Tate Britain, London

I can highly recommend the 'Woman in Revolt' exhibition which is on until 7 April 2024. It exhibits feminist art from the 1970's and 80's. During this period a new wave of feminism erupted in society where women took a stand for reproductive rights, equal pay and race equality. Women made art as a result of this political movement about their lives and the inequalities they were faced with. Unfortunately, at that time, women's work was barely featured in exhibitions. Tate Britain says that 'By acknowledging the action these artists took and the relevance their art still holds, the exhibition hopes to give them the attention and credit they deserve'.

For me the reoccurring theme of many piece of art on show was that of 'breaking free'. This video captures the idea brilliantly.

A shocking fact I'd learned was that before 1975 married women were legal dependants of their husbands. Men had the right to have sex with their wives, with or without consent!

Here's some artwork that speaks volumes and made me pause.

It was such a powerful exhibition that it stayed with me for a long time. I love the motto of 'breaking free' and I'm sure I'll design a jewellery collection around that theme, one day.


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