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Handmade jewellery

My story

Sonja Bessant

Yep, that's me in

my happy place

Sonja in her workshop


Quality control manager and excellent distraction

Sonja's cat, the perfect distraction from time to time

Oh, hello there! I'm glad you've stopped by.


I’m Sonja, the designer and maker of the jewellery you can find here.  I grew up in a small German town (what now feels like a lifetime ago) where my family ran a jewellery business.  I vividly remember creating all sorts of weird and beautiful objects in my father’s and grandfather’s workshops from a young age.  After moving to London and graduating from university I worked as an event manager.  It was a super exciting part of my life but I certainly missed being creative with my hands.

Fast forward some, well, a lot of years actually, I became a mum and this wonderful but rollercoaster of a ride gave me the courage to turn my fascination for working with metal and fire into a new career path.  I  attended numerous courses to learn traditional jewellery making techniques and did lots of experimenting, some successful, some less so, in my workshop at home.  And I’m now extremely proud to have grown my original passion into my own small independent business.

All my pieces are originals and handmade in my South London studio with a real enthusiasm for making beautiful, and, most importantly, wearable jewellery.  London, as a big, bustling city, certainly inspires my collections a great deal but also, contrastingly, the simple beauty of nature, its incredible structures and natural patterns.  I’m drawn to clean lines and simple shapes and these are often reflected in my jewellery.

I love sharing my passion for jewellery with like-minded individuals and since you've made the effort to read up to here I hope that you will one day be the proud owner of a piece of my timeless jewellery and enjoy wearing it as much as I love designing and making each piece. 

All jewellery is beautifully gift wrapped at no extra cost making it the perfect jewellery gift for a loved one that can be treasured for many years to come.   


these are hollow silver pendant necklaces
Sonja at the bench soldering
That's me, Sonja, in my workshop

Almost forgot...

I’m proud to be part of Wandsworth’s rich and diverse creative scene. Here you’ll find profiles of incredible local artists, cultural organisations, projects and groups.

I'm registered with who promote high quality British contemporary craft and bring together a whole community of selected makers from around the UK.

I'm part of the Solo Craft Fair's Indie Shopping Guide. They're a fab bunch running London markets with locally handmade items, live music and creative workshops. 

Here're some videos showing how I made some recent jewellery

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