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Stunningly simple and organic handmade silver stud earrings made to order in silver, oxidised silver, rose or yellow gold plated silver available in four different sizes


These stylish studs, which are perfect for everyday wear, have been lovingly designed and handmade from recycled silver in our South London studio. Pick and choose your preferred colour and size to make them a perfect fit for you, or, if you are thinking about giving them away as a birthday present or gift for a special occasion, choose just the right earring for your loved one. These everyday earrings are very comfortable to wear and a great choice as first time earrings for girls and teenagers because of their hypoallergenic nature.


Silver has been heated to melting temperature and then cooled naturally to arrive at these beautifully round button shaped earrings. These cute earrings have an uneven and ever so slightly cracked surface and are reminiscent of rocks and pebbles formed by nature. Each stud has been made by hand and therefore no two earrings will ever be exactly the same. You are getting a truly unique pair of earrings without breaking the bank.


These studs come in 4 different sizes: 8mm, 5mm, 4mm and 3mm. Please have a look at our model shots for a better idea about the exact size.


Handmade Silver Pebble Earring Studs

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