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Useful Ring sizing Apps

I’m back and wanted to share a really useful app to measure your correct ring size. All you need is an existing ring.

Often customers wonder what their ring size is. In the past I’ve referred them to a reputable high street jewellery store which should be able to help (or I’ve offered to measure if they’re local to me).

The app “ring sizer” lets you measure an existing ring by placing it on a circle and moving that circle so it fits perfectly inside your ring (you should be able to see the outline of that circle inside your ring but not the background). Trust me, I’ll make sense once you’ve seen the app.

There’re different apps out there all called “ring sizer” and they all seem to work on the same principle. I would personally avoid the ones with “in-app purchases".

Happy sizing

Example of ring sizer apps
Example of ring sizer apps


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