Artist Statement

Hi, I’m Sonja and thanks for stopping by.

I grew up in a small German town where my family ran a jewellery business. I vividly remember creating all sorts of weird and beautiful metal objects in my father’s and grandfather’s workshops from a young age. After moving to London and graduating from university I enjoyed a successful career in the events industry, but it wasn’t to be my calling in life – and I found I missed this creative outlet.

Becoming a mum gave me the courage to turn my fascination for working with metal and fire into a new career path. So, I attended numerous jewellery courses, acquired traditional jewellery-making skills, and did lots of experimenting in my workshop at home – and I’m now extremely proud to have grown my original passion into my own small independent business.

I make contemporary and unique silver jewellery and often use pearls and gold as embellishments. All my pieces are original and handmade by me in my South London studio with a real enthusiasm for making beautiful, and – most importantly – wearable jewellery. My inspiration comes both from living in a big, bustling city, but also, contrastingly, from the simple beauty of nature. I’m drawn to clean lines and simple shapes and these are often reflected in my jewellery.

I want to share my passion for jewellery with like-minded individuals and hope that they will enjoy wearing my timeless jewellery collection as much as I do in designing and making each piece. It gives me great pleasure to create something with my own hands that others value, wear and treasure.